Monday, June 8, 2009

March Madness with the Mayorgas'

Jackson began his first "Itty Bitty Tee Ball" season. It was only 8 weeks but he had so much fun. It was adorable to watch! Parker wanted to play really bad, so next year we'll have two players! Of course we don't mind, baseball is in our blood!!

In March we made our way to Tempe, AZ for a weekend of Spring Training with the Angels! I guess we just couldn't stand waiting until April for the regular season to start. The boys were super excited! Spring Training crowds are smaller, the venue is smaller and the players are much more relaxed. We were able to attend two games! Boy was it nice to have some rock star seating!! For the first game we were right over the Angels dugout and for the second game we were right behind home plate!

We arrived a couple of hours early to our first game with hopes to watch a bit of practice. Not only were we able to do that, but we also were fortunate enough to meet some of the players, coaching staff and media personalities! The photo to the left is of Parker and Dan with Angels manager, Mike Scioscia.

The weather was very hot all weekend, so two days in the Arizona sun was plenty for us to handle.

Our quick little weekend getaway was certainly enough to get us excited for the 2009 season to start. The boys' love for baseball continues to grow. We're so happy that they enjoy spending evenings at Angel Stadium, watching a game. It's great family time. You wouldn't believe how much two toddlers could understand about the baseball!!

One of the most precious things in life is the gift of time. We feel so blessed to be able to spend so much time together as a family. We pray that the family time we share will make life long memories for us and the boys!

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